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I’m gonna be so sad if he dies during my playthrough

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Some old school gaming with a small but really fun youtuber named Bratman check it out :)




the gaming industry annoys me a lot because it has the potential to be the most creative and diverse outlet we have but like. nah. we got cod. and fifa. 0 female leading characters. the exact same slightly rough looking, dark haired, middle aged white dude.. 3/10

If you base your entire opinion of the gaming industry off CoD, you have no one to blame but yourself you pretentious dimwit.

I’m looking at my pile of games now, and what do I see?

Pikmin 1 and 2

Alice: Madness Returns

Phantasy Star 1 

Metroid Prime

Tales of Xillia

Wild Arms 3

Final Fantasy 13.

Super Bust-A-Move

Try harder, feminists.   “I’m a girl, yes I play games, I think the only game to have ever existed is CoD” and then you have the nerve to whine about the Fake Nerd Girl meme 

0 Female leads? That is beyond ignorant, even the most casual of gamer has surely heard of Lara Croft at least? I’m just gonna go ahead and list off a few games from the that had female lead characters in the past few years:

  1. Alice: Madness Returns - Alice Liddell
  2. Assassin’s Creed III Liberation - Aveline de Grandpré
  3. Bayonetta - Bayonetta (And Jeanne to an extent)
  4. Beyond: Two Souls - Jodie Holmes 
  5. Beyond Good & Evil HD - Jade
  6. Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth (Okay maybe not technically the lead playable protagonist but the story is definitely more about her than Booker, and she does ultimately take the playable spot for the final DLC episode)
  7. Drakengard 3 - Zero (And her five sisters in the DLCs)
  8. Final Fantasy XII Series - Lightning and Serah, Vanille and Fang are heavily important to the first game at least too.
  9. Final Fantasy X Series - Yuna in the sequel, though she was practically the main character of the first too. And X-2 had for the first time an all female cast.
  10. Gravity Rush - Kat
  11. Heavenly Sword - Nariko
  12. Heavy Rain - Madison Paige
  13. Infamous: First Light - Fetch
  14. Mirror’s Edge - Faith 
  15. Portal - Chell
  16. Resident Evil Series - Sheva Alomar in 5, Jill in Revelations, Ada Sherry and Helena in 6, about half the possible playable characters in Operation Raccoon City. Not to mention Claire Redfield and Moira Burton in the upcoming Revelations 2. 
  17. The House of the Dead 3&4 HD - Lisa Rogan in 3, Kate Green in 4
  18. The Last of Us - Ellie (Once again Joel may be technically the protagonist but Ellie is the real star of the show)
  19. Silent Hill 3 HD- Heather Mason
  20. The Walking Dead - Clementine who is practically the main focus of season one and the star of season 2.
  21. Trine 1&2 - Zoya
  22. Tomb Raider - Lara Croft 
  23. X-Men Destiny - Aimi Yoshida

Just a few of the bigger name titles off the top of my head. That’s not to mention games where you can choose your gender (e.g Mass Effect, Saints Row, Fallout) and pretty much any fighting or JRPG game that’s almost certain to have several prominent female characters. I’m sure there’s several more, I won’t claim to have played every game ever and this is only a sample from the PS3/Xbox360 and PS4 gen games.

Yes I will concede there is a significantly more male main characters than female but I won’t accept the ignorance of claiming there’s no female characters whatsoever. Not all of them are white either, and neither are all male protagonists. The gaming world is much bigger than COD and Fifa, and I would encourage anyone male or female or other to explore it and see just how much there really is to offer.


"Long long ago, in a distant land, there was an intoner afflicted with a flower. This girl had five sisters, but… the sisters were cursed intoners as well. Fearing the power the cursed bloom carried, the intoner sought a very, very strong dragon in order to kill all of the intoners…"

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do you ever just stop and realize how much pokemon has grown



like wow it just really amazes me

well i mean 



pokemon isnt the best example







goddammit megaman

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Killer is Dead #3


Killer is Dead #3

Rules of Nature goes with everything: Jake VS Ustanak [Resident Evil 6] …